About the Owner

About Jennifer Zebio, owner of The Cottage on Second Avenue...

Jennifer Zebio discovered her passion for building community through the space of a gift and home décor store when on an Honor Flight with her U.S. Veteran grandfather in Washington, D.C.  

Jennifer’s focus on home and homemaking began at an early age – cake decorating, stitching, embroidery. She loves making a home beautiful and sees homemaking as an art. “I’m a very traditional person. Technology and online shopping have taken over so much of our lives. I’m an in-person, attention to detail person who wants to build a community of people who come to the store.”

Jennifer has stocked the store with ready-made items as well as kits for people who want to discover calm, peace, and enjoyment while stitching. Kits and classes are a part of The Cottage on Second’s offerings.

Jennifer travels the country shopping and buying, searching for just the right things to bring into the store. Attending Gift Shows in places like Atlanta, Georgia means Jennifer brings things to Idaho that allow Idahoans to shop widely, without leaving town. “I make sure to provide items at different price points so that there is something for everyone who comes in. I also try to keep most of my buying in the United States, from family businesses.”

Jennifer and her family live in Eagle – married with two daughters, they have three dogs keeping the family company.